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uPD70F36x FLASH Programmer

Full set for programming uPD70F36x Microcontrollers FLASH in automotive modules.
Bundle for just $595.00

Bundle includes

Picture of Universal HyperProg Hardware
Universal HyperProg Hardware for JTAG and Serial communication
Picture of uPD70F36x FLASH Programmer Software
uPD70F36x Software Activation Key. The Software works with the Universal HyperProg Hardware only.
Picture of uPD70F36x One Year Files Download and Support
This is the One Year Files Download and Support for the uPD70F36x FLASH Programmer.
  • Two operation modes 'Simple' and 'Expert'.
  • Works on Windows XP/7/8/10 (32-bit, 64-bit) PCs.
  • One-button-solution to DFLASH Program and Verify - Simple mode.
  • uPD70F36x family support, include uPD70F3629 MCU's DFLASH/PFLASH Read/Program/Verify Operation - Expert mode.
  • Easy-to-use built-in HEX editor
  • Opto-isolated serial interface.
  • High-speed up to 150 Kbaud connection.
  • Real In-circuit connection. No pins need to be lifted up!
  • Pictures for the In-circuit connection are supplied.
  • One Year free support.

Download Driver and Software

uPD70F36x Supported HYUNDAI 95910-1R250, 95910-1R450, 95910-2V050
uPD70F36x Supported MCU uPD70F3629, uPD70F3376