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R7F701x One Year Files Download and Support

This is the One Year Files Download and Support for the R7F701x FLASH Programmer.

Serial Number


It Includes:

  • Download of new software version.
  • Download of new device firmware files.
  • Download of new pictures and schematic diagrams.
  • Support by phone and email.
R7F701x Supported MCU R7F701223, R7F701A223, R7F701A033, R7F7010243
R7F701x Supported FORD HS7T 14B321 AE
R7F701x Supported HONDA 77960-T5R-A230-M2, 77960-T6Z-A030-M2, 77960-T7A-A230-M2, 77960-TBA-A030-M2, 77960-TBA-A040-M2, 77960-TBA-A060-M2, 77960-TBA-X030-M2, 77960-TBF-A020-M2, 77960-TBG-A020-M2, 77960-TBG-A050-M2, 77960-TBJ-A020-M2, 77960-TG7-A110-M2, 77960-TG7-A210-M2, 77960-TGG-A020-M2, 77960-TGH-A020-M2, 77960-TGS-A010-M2, 77960-THR-A020-M2, 77960-THR-A120-M2
R7F701x Supported TOYOTA 89170-33A80, 89170-06671, 89170-06641