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MPC560x Software

MPC560x Software Activation Key. Software works with the Universal HyperProg Hardware only.

Serial Number

  • Works on Windows XP/7/8/10 (32-bit, 64-bit) PCs.
  • MPC560x and SPC560Px0 MCU's FLASH Read/Program/Verify Operation.
  • Easy-to-use built-in HEX editor.
  • One Year free files download and support.
  • NOTE: Software works with the Universal HyperProg Hardware only!

Download Driver and Software

MPC560x Supported Airbags Smart A4539019000-Q2, Honda Jazz, 68358990AC, 688299-147AH, VW 561959655 5Q0959655, Honda-Stepwgn, Chrysler 2015, KIA 2015, Hyundai 2015, 77960-T2A-A01, 77960-T2A-A02, 77960-T2F-A01, 77960-T2F-A02, 77960-T3L-C01, 77960-T3L-C02, 77960-T3V-A01, 77960-T3V-A02, 77960-T3Z-A02, 77960-TAA-Z11, 77960-TJB-A04, 77960-TLA-A24, 77960-TLA-A25, 77960-TLA-A32, 77960-TLA-L24, 77960-TLA-L25, 77960-TRW-A21, 77960-TRX-A01, 77960-TVA-A46, 77960-TX4-B01, 77960-TX4-C01, 77960-TX6-A21, 77960-TX6-A22, 77960-TZ3-A51, 77960-TZ4-A51, 77960-TZ5-A01, 77960-TZ5-A02, 77960-TZ5-A11, 77960-TZ5-A22, 77960-TLA-A41
MPC560x Supported MCU MPC5604P (0M26V), SPC560P50, SPC56AP54

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