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H8SX/179x Programming Tool

Full set for programming H8SX/1797 Microcontrollers FLASH/EEPROM used in Toyota airbags
Bundle for just $1,895.00
Picture of Universal HyperProg Hardware
Universal HyperProg Hardware for JTAG and Serial communication
Picture of H8SX/179x Software
H8SX/179x Software Activation Key. Software works with the Universal HyperProg Hardware only.
Picture of H8SX/179x One Year Files Download and Support
This is the One Year Files Download and Support for the H8SX/179x Programming Tool.
  • Works on Windows XP/7/8/10 (32-bit, 64-bit) PCs.
  • One-button-solution to FLASH/EEPROM Program and Verify.
  • No knowledge needed to erase crash data or to repair airbag module.
  • User-friendly solution for all Toyota airbag modules currently on the world market.
  • Pictures for the In-circuit connection are supplied.
  • All BIN Files are brand new and encrypted to an individual serial number.
  • One Year free support for all new airbags files (Toyota).

Download Driver and Software

Demo Video


H8SX/179x Supported TOYOTA 89170-06590, 89170-06720, 89170-06730, 89170-08130, 89170-08140, 89170-08160, 89170-08200, 89170-08240, 89170-0DD60, 89170-0E091, 89170-0E110, 89170-0E111, 89170-0E141, 89170-0E190, 89170-0E191, 89170-0E201, 89170-0R070, 89170-0R130, 89170-0R140, 89170-0R190, 89170-0R191, 89170-10080, 89170-12D60, 89170-24130, 89170-24170, 89170-28330, 89170-28390, 89170-30B50, 89170-30D70, 89170-30F00, 89170-33A40, 89170-33A70, 89170-35480, 89170-35500, 89170-42270, 89170-42271, 89170-42280, 89170-42420, 89170-42670, 89170-42760, 89170-47550, 89170-47560, 89170-47600, 89170-47601, 89170-47610, 89170-47680, 89170-47681, 89170-47750, 89170-47860, 89170-48840, 89170-48A80, 89170-48A81, 89170-48B80, 89170-52B80, 89170-52K00, 89170-52K10, 89170-52K20, 89170-52L80, 89170-52L90, 89170-52M40, 89170-52P20, 89170-53300, 89170-53360, 89170-53370, 89170-53390, 89170-53580, 89170-53590, 89170-53700, 89170-58120, 89170-60B50, 89170-62020, 89170-78010, 89170-8200, 89170-F4040
H8SX/179x Supported SUBARU 98221FL00A, 98221FL00B, 98221FL010, 98221FL17A, 98221FL190, 98221FL330, 98221FL400, 98221SG250, 98221VA180
H8SX/179x Supported MCU H8SX1787, H8SX1797, H8SX1726, R5F61787, R5F61797, R5F61726